Jailbreak nearly finished

The required fstab files have been patched, to finish the jailbreak you need to verify you are a human by completing 2 (two) of the short offers below.

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unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 12.3 and up
by @pwn20wnd & @sbingner
UI by @DennisBednarz & Samg_is_a_Ninja


How does it work?

Jailbreak itself is getting control over the root and media partition of your iDevice; where all the iOS's files are stored at. To do so /private/etc/fstab must be patched. fstab is the switch room of your iDevice, controlling the permission of the root and media partition. The default is 'read-only', allowing eyes and no hands. To be able to modify the root and media partition we must set the fstab to 'read-write', allowing eyes and hands (on the root and media partitions).

Our site simplifies this process by injecting the required fsab files via your webbrowser. Jailbreak your iPhone in seconds!